TIL Spiders Eat Up to 800 Million Tons of Prey Each Year, nearly twice the amount by weight of meat humans consume each year.

Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/spiders-eat-800-million-tons-prey-each-year-study-says-180962544/

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  1. > To put that number in perspective, researchers compared the spiders’ smorgasbord to the amount of prey consumed by other, much larger species. Spiders fall in “the same order of magnitude” as whales, which eat 280-500 million tons per year, the researchers write in the study. Spiders may also exceed humans’ total animal consumption, which tallies to about 400 tons of meat and fish annually.

    Ok… what? Am I reading this right that whales consume more animals than humans? Basically it means our problem isn’t that we’re consuming too much, it’s that we’re too picky with the kind of animals protein we eat?

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