TIL St. Patrick’s day originally was celebrated with blue. George III needed to create a new order of chivalry for the kingdom of Ireland and needed a color for it. The Order of the Garter for the previous Kingdom of England already used a dark blue, so a lighter blue was used. It changed in ~1800.

Read more: https://www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/what-was-the-original-color-associated-with-st-patrick#:~:text=When%20George%20III%20created%20a,the%20Order%20of%20St%20Patrick.

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  1. I choose to wear blue because I refuse to get into the whole thing between Catholics and Protestants which has basically been the entire reason that Ireland has had issues from day 1.

    That’s the shitty thing about learning history. You think you’re being a ‘rebel’ and all by wearing orange thinking “oh, I’m from a branch that extends from Protestantism so orange should be my color” and then you find out why The Troubles happened and it ruins the feeling for you.

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