TIL studies have found coffee drinkers (those who drink 3-5 cups per day) have a more “efficient” brain than those who don’t drink coffee. MRI scans found coffee drinkers have quicker connectivity in the cerebellum, the right precuneus, and the right insular.

Read more: http://icvs.uminho.pt/science-society/news/6337c216c8f14b128241bd215a55e4c2-4757

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  1. Oh my goodness can we stop with all the coffee posts I say this as a true coffee lover I drink coffee every freaking day come hell or Highwater but honestly it’s good for you today causes cancer tomorrow can I pick one I’m not gonna stop for coffee mind you

  2. 1. The sponsor source seems a bit biased
    2. I want this to be true bc I drink a lot of coffee in the morn, and drink cbf/thc in the eve….which doesn’t have great long term effects

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