TIL Talky Tina of the Living Doll episode of The Twilight Zone was voiced by June Foray, who would go on to voice Rocky the Flying Squirrel

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Living_Doll_(The_Twilight_Zone)#Episode_notes

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  1. I met her briefly when I was 11 at an animation festival in Japan in 2004. Asked her to sign a piece of paper and say a line as Rocky for me. She only died a few years ago and she was old *then*—she passed just a couple months shy of turning 100!

    She was one of the more prolific voice actresses of her generation. She also voiced:
    * Granny, Witch Hazel, and Prissy (the “yeeeeeeees” chicken) from Looney Tunes
    * Natasha on Rocky & Bullwinkle, Nell on Dudley Do-Right, Ursula on George of the Jungle
    * Jokey Smurf
    * Magica DeSpell on Ducktales
    * Cindy-Lou Who in the original Grinch cartoon

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