TIL that 70-86% of choking victims recovered after receiving the Heimlich maneuver.

Read more: https://www.cprcertified.com/blog/everything-you-ve-ever-wondered-about-the-heimlich-maneuver

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  1. I’ve read somewhere that the inventor of the only maneuver didn’t use the maneuver his until his late age in life when he saved someone’s life from choking…Can anyone confirm this

  2. Abdominal thrusts* I believe his children or someone tried to get money for using his name as the type of technique.

    Also now modern first aid says to try back blows first before abdominal trusts. Heimlich himself tried to discredit back blows by saying they would make choking worse.

    And it worked as many people still believe administering back blows will cause lodged food to go down farther which is not correct

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