TIL that 9/11 is the anniversary of the 1973 coup d’état in Chile led by General Pinochet, who executed thousands and interned and tortured tens of thousands for 17 years. While the U.S. may not have directly backed the coup, it appeared to condone it and worked with Pinochet afterwards.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_dictatorship_of_Chile_(1973%E2%80%931990)

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  1. Yeah im in downtown santiago rn and everything is closed around the palace in case there are protests… i think there was some disturbance but nothing major this time

  2. ” U.S. may not have directly backed the coup” US has direct participation in the coup and sustainment of the military government later, who wrote this B.S. title?

    Operation Condor people!

  3. The criteria for working with the US in 1973 was not being Communist or working with the USSR. At that time the US wasn’t policing the world for any other reasons. While the headline is true the US was hardly the only other country to work with Pinochet. They didn’t support him they just didn’t fight with him and dealt with him when necessary because they were focused on bigger things.

  4. So do I believe this “U.S. may not have” or the other “U.S. backed Pinochet” posts? I’m not going to look deeper. Murderous dictatorships will always be popular with some.

  5. I strongly suggest Upheaval, wonderful book by Jared Diamond who describes, among other things, how the Chilean coup took place and if the same could happen in other places, including the US.

  6. Theres two social media groups fighting over reddit influence at the moment and I feel like I’m watching a match game or a conversation via shit post

    America bad, fuck America

    Well other countries too and companies it all sucks

    No mostly America

    Okay we’ll do you remember 9/11? Here let us watch the video.

    Well do you remember a different 9/11?

    Well that’s a different country in the 70’s

    Yeah but there’s an association and it’s like distracting from the 9/11 stuff you had. It was what I could come up with.

  7. It’s not our job to dictate how other countries handle their internal politics. It was the right move to stay indifferent and deal with the reality of the aftermath.

    It should be our model across the board. Stay out unless it actually threatens American *lives* (not interests). I don’t give a damn about an American company losing money overseas. You take the risk on your own. Our military shouldn’t be protect your share prices.

  8. Pinochet had his flaws, but he did create the wholesome pastime of tossing Communists from airborne helicopters.

    Until that point, the world hasn’t found much use for Communists.

  9. In my second year of university I had an extremely liberal professor, (Nylen was his name – total fucking idiot) who would not shut the fuck up about how great Pinochet was. What a fucking a cunt

  10. More fun facts:

    911 was exactly the 60 year anniversary of the Pentagon’s groundbreaking ceremony on September 11, 1941:


    The day before, on September 10, 2001, Donald Rumsfeld gave a speech in the Pentagon in which he declared war on the US military as a Cold War relic:


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