TIL that a day before Hitler’s suicide, he ordered a cyanide pill be given to his dog Blondi (who died as a result) to test its potency before he used it.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blondi?wprov=sfti1

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  1. Psychopaths are unable to feel love for other humans or animals.

    I love my dog more than anything in the world and would do everything in my power to protect him. Psychopath Hitler trapped Blondi and Eva Braun in the bunker rather than having them sent somewhere safe. Of course, Braun seems to have been mentally ill herself. Pity about the poor dog.

  2. “Hitler expressed doubts about the cyanide capsules he had received through Heinrich Himmler’s SS.[25] By this point, Hitler regarded Himmler as a traitor. To verify the capsules’ contents, Hitler—who already intended to have Blondi killed so that she did not fall into the hands of the Soviets[26]—ordered Dr. Werner Haase to test one on Blondi, and the dog died as a result.[27] Hitler became completely inconsolable”

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