TIL that a “Silent Man” in the UK repeatedly gets arrested for standing on a certain road to block traffic. He never speaks a word, not even to the court or his own lawyer. Everytime he is released, he repeats the crime and remains completely silent.

Read more: https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/david-hampson-mute-silent-road-21444984

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  1. “The judge ordered a psychiatric report into Hampson in the hope it could shed some light on his behaviour, and suggest possible help that he could be offered. However, the defendant refused to speak to the court-appointed doctor so no interview could take place.”

  2. Nobody has said this but I suspect the man is suffering from something in his childhood.

    I myself was locked in a room as a kid often with just a bed by my parents. So much it became normal to me, and I found myself as an adult struggling to cope with reality, and everything around me. I actually found myself wishing I was still locked in my room or in a cell where it was just one thing to worry about.

    Homelessness also drives people to do this as well as inability to find medical care.

    So this man is most likely protecting himself in a way alot of people don’t understand.

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