TIL that after the Shah of Iran’s overthrow, he was reluctantly given medical treatment in Panama. Panama assigned him a “militantly Marxist sociology professor” as a chief bodyguard who “spent much time lecturing the Shah on how he deserved his fate” and was charged $21,000 a month for rent.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammad_Reza_Pahlavi

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  1. Here’s the full story:

    >”The Dictator of Panama kept Mohammad Reza [The Shah of Iran] as a virtual prisoner at the Paitilla Medical Center, a hospital condemned by the former Shah’s American doctors as “an inadequate and poorly staffed hospital”, and in order to hasten his death allowed only Panamanian doctors to treat his cancer. General Torrijos, a populist left-winger had only taken in Mohammad Reza under heavy American pressure, and he made no secret of his dislike of Mohammad Reza, whom he called after meeting him “the saddest man he had ever met”. When he first met Mohammad Reza, Torrijos taunted him by telling him “it must be hard to fall off the Peacock Throne into Contadora” and called him a “chupon”, a Spanish term meaning an orange that has all the juice squeezed out of it, which is slang for someone who is finished.

    >Torrijos added to Mohammad Reza’s misery by making his chief bodyguard a militantly Marxist sociology professor who spent much time lecturing Mohammad Reza on how he deserved his fate because he had been a tool of the ‘American imperialism’ that was oppressing the Third World, and charged Mohammad Reza a monthly rent of US$21,000, making him pay for all his food and the wages of the 200 National Guardsmen assigned as his bodyguards.”

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