TIL that Anticipatory Grief is grief you exoerience before a person dies. It is common for children to feel about their parents or the family members of those with terminal illness.

Read more: https://www.mariecurie.org.uk/talkabout/articles/what-is-anticipatory-grief/271278

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  1. This sounds so familiar, the upside is that it makes me appreciate the time that is left much more. I actively make more time to spend with them.
    On the other hand it makes it feel so bitter sweet sometimes.
    I hate the transcience of life, haven’t found a way to properly deal with it…

  2. Just lost my mother to cancer a few months back. We were really close so I was shocked by how well I took it (I fully expected to be in full meltdown mode for months but I was back on my feet in a few days). I feel like this might be because I began grieving the day I got her diagnosis which I happened to get right in the same week I got my partner’s diagnosis. I had a straight week when, despite being an atheist, I cursed every possibly existing god in every possibly existing universe, cried a lot, and developed some unhealthy coping mechanisms. Point is, I anticipated my mother’s death so when it hit, maybe it wasn’t as bad.

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