TIL that as a writer on Saturday Night Live, Bob Odenkirk invented Chris Farley’s motivational speaking character, Matt Foley. (“Living in a Van Down by the River!!”)

Read more: https://ew.com/tv/bob-odenkirk-credits-chris-farley-dramatic-roles/

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  1. He wrote that sketch for Farley while they were at Second City together, not when he was an SNL writer. Farley took the sketch with him from Second City to SNL. Source, Odenkirk’s autobiography “Comedy, Comedy, Comedy, Drama”.

  2. Suuuper weird. Im watching seinfeld and its the episode with odenkirk. I googled it to find out that it was actually him. Then i open up reddit and here he is again. I had no idea he was an snl writer.

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