TIL that as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, beavers are fish.

Read more: https://www.atlasobscura.com/foods/beaver-meat-midwest-lent-cheat

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  1. A lot of animals were considered fish by catholics even thought they knew they weren’t so that they could eat them during lent.
    Some example are puffins, beavers and dolphins

  2. I can only say, based on the picture, I’m not sure I want to try beaver butt. Bison tongue I’ve had and bison burgers are great; I’ve even had rattlesnake. But that looks odd.

    I love Atlas Obscura. Reading about the unusual is definite brain bleach from all the world’s insanity.

  3. Capybara are too. The catholic church has made so many exceptions to bring people in or not give them an excuse to leave the church. Another example is all the saints that exist. Did they pass the requirements for sainthood? No, they were local gods that existed in places that the church was expanding into. Instead of missionaries dismissing the existence of these local gods, they’d acknowledge them and say that they were legitimate, but explained that there was a hierarchy and the Trinity sat at the top of it.

    It would have been interesting to see an alternative timeline where a Hindu-Christian amalgamation exists. I wish we could have had a Saint Haruman. Then again, I guess I can just make it up and tell myself it’s legit. That’s what the church would have done after all.

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