TIL that Babe Ruth got his nickname because Jack Dunn, the owner of the Orioles, was forced to legally adopt him at the age of 19 to remove him from a Jesuit school so he could sign his first professional contract. This led to his teammates calling him “Dunn’s baby”, which became “Babe”.

Read more: https://www.u-s-history.com/pages/h1698.html

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  1. He also signed a baseball ball that a kid that knew nothing of baseball used to play with his friends. Sadly, the ball went over the fence of this hermit with his huge dog, and they couldn’t get back.

    The story however has a happy ending, because the hermit turned to be Mr. Mertle, a professional baseball player, and a friend of Babe Ruth, and Mr Mertle replaced the destroyed by the dog autographed ball with a ball autographed by even more professional baseball players.

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