TIL that Britain during the Palaeolithic period was intermittently populated due to glaciation driving the humans out multiple times.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prehistoric_Britain

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  1. The earliest evidence of human occupation around 900,000 years ago, with stone tools and footprints probably made by Homo antecessor. Ice ages drove the inhabitants out several times.

    The last of these arrivals, the Younger Dryas, ended around 11,700 years ago, and since then Britain has been continuously occupied.

  2. There was also Doggerland ( now submerged) which was a landbridge between Britain and Belgium/the Netherlands. Evidence of human settlements have been found there.

  3. I did some DNA tests here (Scotland) a while back as part of a study and ‘apparently’ the men in the family have been here at least since the last time the ice retreated about 10,000 years ago (yDNA), but my old dears (female mtDNA) tracks back to the Sami People (Laplanders) from northern Finland.

    Maybe that’s why I’d rather be too cold, than too hot (anything over 25°C and I’m melting, but -25°C feels no worse than -0°C).

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