TIL that Bruce Lee was notorious for “kicking the shit out of stuntmen” during fight scenes on the show The Green Hornet and would sometimes jump-kick people on the set. In one instance he dislocated someone’s jaw.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Once_Upon_a_Time_in_Hollywood#Bruce_Lee

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  1. All his fans deify him but I always got the impression he was a cocky (but skilled) stuntman who made it big with a BS philosophy tailored to mesmerize his rich, white clients who paid to train under him. People think Bruce Lee was some kind of Shaolin Monk. He was just a young, good looking actor who popularized a genre. He’s the Charles Bronson of Kung Fu movies.

  2. My little brother and I would spend time practicing our Kato kicks against our grandma’s bed rails. One day my brother did a perfect Bruce Lee kick so I decided to one-up him by kicking with both legs at the same time. Yes I broke my arm, but I got to blame it on my own apparent ignorance of gravity – and Bruce Lee.

  3. Yeah, I find it suspicious Lee’s daughter was so vocal about her dislike of Bruce Lee’s portrayal and saying it’s racist while she was also producing “Warrior”, it seemed pretty obvious to me it was about publicity. Also family members are notoriously objective about their dead relatives, amirite?

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