TIL that Catholic priests have a lower rate of child abuse than public school teachers in spite of the massive media publicity of the Catholic Church.

Read more: https://sites.law.duq.edu/juris/2019/03/16/catholic-priest-sex-abuse-scandals-how-the-media-shapes-the-public-perception-of-child-abuse-in-the-catholic-church/

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  1. The article leaves out the salient issue, that when informed about the abuse, the church had a pattern of hiding the abuse and moving the priest to a new place. The cover-ups are the reason the church was/is so widely covered.

  2. Fuck the church, Boy Scouts and day camp- pos from MA was involved in all three and molested countless young boys under the guise of being good and no adults “knew” fuck off

  3. Biased coverage lol. You mean the mass cover up attempts by the church to denounce people who were abused as crazy and one off’s?

    Schools don’t work as one giant organization the church as an organization actively killed sex abuse investigations, and passed offenders to new areas so they could continue to abuse children.

    Teachers generally go to jail, priests got away with it for decades.

  4. The literal holier than thou stance of the church, and the breach of trust skewed the response towards the church. Add to that, how many schools actively hid teachers, just moved them to other schools, and paid off victims to be quiet? The totality of the crime is far worse.

  5. When a teacher is caught they are fired and prosecuted. When priests were caught they were moved to another perish. I use the past tense, because I’m hoping this has been addressed in the Catholic church. Every profession has its sickos. It’s how that is handled systematically this is the difference.

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