TIL that delta 9 THC is the same as the THC you get at a dispensary, & it’s legal in all 50 states as long as it’s in a low concentration in tinctures or edibles. I thought delta 9 was just like fake delta 8 I guess learned today.

Read more: https://kandyboy.com/blogs/news/thc-vs-delta-9-is-there-a-difference

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  1. You’ve got it Backwards and Not exactly right.
    Delta 8 THC ( 🔺8THC) is a Derivative of Hemp, which is the reason it is legal.
    The 2018 US Farm Bill Act legalized the Growth and Processing of Hemp and in turn, any Product derived from hemp.
    Delta 9 THC is “the THC you get at a dispensary” and holds much more Psychoactive properties than Delta 8 THC

    Its basically like Delta 9 is weed, Delta 8 is Diet weed, CBD is The odouls of weed, In that it takes Much more delta 8 to feel the effects, and the effects are not nearly as strong

  2. Cannabis contains mostly THCa. When you heat it to 222⁰f, it turns into THC (delta nine tetrahydrocannabinol). THCa is non psychoactive, which is why eating cannabis doesnt work, unless you cook it.

    But I’m pretty sure THC is a schedule-1 CDS, making it technically illegal in all states. State laws vary, however.

  3. I didn’t think it had to be low concentrates.

    I guess that’s because “low” is vague.

    In Jersey – prior to cannabis legalization, people were buying delta 9 carts & edibles to get stoned & they weren’t lightweight. (& some still buy the delta 9 in jersey)

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