TIL that dolphins have “bromances” in which two males may pair up for as long as 15 years, helping each other to hook up with female dolphins.

Read more: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/dolphin-bromance-north-florida_n_3530016/amp

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  1. the fact that dolphins pretty much gang rape female dolphins makes this a little disturbing

    “Alliances are an essential part of the mating strategies of the males. First-order partnerships will single out a female, rush at her, and then herd her away to have sex, which is coercive (this is a general assumption, because it is rarely seen). During this aggressive corralling, the female repeatedly tries to escape, and does so in about one of every four attempts. The males restrict her attempts at freedom by charging in, and bashing her with their tails, head-butting, biting, and body-slamming her into submission.”

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