TIL that during a siege of Paris in 1870 by German forces, no food could be brought into the city. Eventually, they got so desperate that they ended up eating all of their zoo animals. There’s even a Christmas day menu which includes wolf, cat, dog, horse, donkey, mice, and ostrich.

Read more: https://www.foodhistorypodcast.com/episode-transcripts/paris-eats-zoo-animals-siege-prussian

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  1. Donkey is really popular in China, especially in the north. Tastes decent.

    All these animals are still eaten regularly in various parts of the world, except maybe wolf.

  2. No they were already eating that stuff. Alexander dumas considered his cookbook to be his master work and it included recipes for ostrich and elephant. Interestingly however out of 1150 pages only a half page was dedicated to milk and two to cheese. He also died in 1870 the year of the seige.

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