TIL that during the 1870s, 16 Black Members held seats in Congress—14 in the House, two in the Senate, and each one a Republican from the South with Hiram Revels of Mississippi having been appointed the first Black Senator in February 1870

Read more: https://history.house.gov/Blog/2020/November/11-25-Bulwark/

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  1. The more I learn about the last quarter of the 1800’s, the more suspicious I become that a lot of our country’s problems were born in that era. It seems like there was actually less racism in the immediate postwar period, and something caused it to ramp up just before the 1900’s, along with nationalism and proto-fascism. It’s not a period well-covered by standard public school history classes.

  2. Between 1860 and 1936, a process started where our political parties switched ideological platforms.

    Its usually the right-wing that tries to take credit for early Republican accomplishments, that are rightfully not their accomplishments.

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