TIL that during the first season of SNL, Lorne Michaels offered the Beatles $3,000 to reunite on the show. John and Paul were watching the live broadcast from John’s apartment, which was within walking distance of the studio. They considered going over and accepting the offer, but decided not to.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Break-up_of_the_Beatles#Entrepreneurial_offers

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  1. Reading through the various efforts makes me think how many of these “reunion efforts” were just marketing ploys for attention using the Beatles name? Also makes me wonder how much money they made if 30-50mil(in the 70s) offers weren’t a persuasive amount.

  2. They both confirmed that they spent about five minutes really thinking about going down there and thinking it would be a funny gag.

    But I heard McCartney a few years ago say that they weren’t watching the live broadcast when Michaels did that. It was a week or two later and John told Paul about it when they were watching a later live broadcast, but they still thought about doing it and decided no.

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