TIL that emergency penis removal can save a cat’s life. If your cat is unable to urinate for 24 hours it can be fatal.

Read more: https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/perineal-urethrostomy-surgery-in-cats

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  1. My cat had a terrible blockage and was unable to urinate. I heard the little fellow crying and screaming in the litter box. It was terrible.

    He was at the vet’s office for the better part of the week on a catheter and they got him fixed up. When I picked him up, the vet prescribed urinary health formula dry cat food and informed me that, “if this happens again, we might have to turn your boy cat into a girl cat.” Now I know what she meant by that. Thank you.

    This was several years ago. He has had no further issues, thank goodness!

  2. I lost my first cat like this. We rushed him to the vet in time but he had a heart malformation so he was always at risk when it came to anesthesia. Miss you Leonne, sorry I failed you.

  3. Can confirm.

    My cat was acting a bit lethargic over the course of a week last year, culminating in me hearing a horrible yowl in the middle of the night. Thought it was a dream until I heard it again. Almost like a single, deeper and less shrill baby’s cry. It was incredibly disquieting. Took him to the pet ER the next day.

    He had crystals developing in his bladder that were preventing him from urinating. They said if I’d waited another 12 hours, he’d probably be dead. Now he just eats urinary-health formula food.

    Instead of dying, the next year he developed chronic pleural effusion (fluid in his lungs) that couldn’t be sourced to cancer or congestive heart disease, so they basically shrugged and said there wasn’t anything I could do except spend a thousand dollars every couple weeks to drain his lungs. I made my peace with the time we had left, but another year later and he’s still kicking, though he has coughing fits daily. He otherwise seems to be doing well.

    Urine crystals were no joke though. You hear a deathly yowl from your cat, you get that shit checked.

  4. My cat had to have this done. When we took him to the vet his willy was apparently already necrotizing because of constriction of blood flow caused by the urinary blockage. Worst case they had ever seen they told us. He wouldn’t have survived another day.

    Now the poor guy has bowel problems as well but those are still managed with medication, which he (luckily) happily eats with his wet food.

  5. Truth. This saved my cat’s life, he’s curled up against me, purring like a happy little diesel engine, because of it.

    He’d been having UTI symptoms and urinating outside the box before and they’d found crystals, so he was on a prescription diet. I don’t recall how long later, a year or so maybe, one night he was literally screaming trying to pee and couldn’t. Rushed him to the emergency vet, they drained his bladder with a catheter and said they’d hold him until he could pee on his own.

    They tried the catheter two more times, then said it was this surgery or euthanasia. I made the right choice 😻

    Once it all healed up, he’s never seemed to notice the difference.

  6. “Those three little are complaining that they lost their mittens, while I’m here in the veterinarian’s office fixin’ to loose my dick…when I get home I’m doin’ an ounce of catnip!”

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