TIL that European football fans used to throw bananas onto the field to taunt players of African descent.

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/soccer-spotlight-europe-grapples-racism-field-n992911

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  1. I saw Chelsea fans do that to their own player once.
    Paul Cannonville it was. As he ran down the wing a large minority stood and abused him. Monkey chants, Nazi salutes and a banana.
    Chelsea is still home to football facism in UK.
    In those days national front literature was for sale outside the ground too.
    Was the worst racism I ever saw at a ground. We had tickets with home fans and were silent for 90 minutes

  2. It’s very odd to just say “European football fans” instead of “some hardcore factions” or other. It’s such a strange wording. I’ve been to plenty of matches and I’ve never brought bananas or seen others throw them. There’s been plenty of cases of domestic abuse in the NFL but you wouldn’t say “TIL that NFL players used to beat their wives and girlfriends,,,” would you?

  3. For everyone that loves to hate on British fans and hates reading articles; this is principally about *England players* receiving abuse from *opposition fans*, in particular Montenegro.

    There’s also mention of Moise Kean in Italy and, bizarrely, Wymeswold FC, which is a minuscule English club.

    With very little effort I’m sure the journalist could have found much more prominent and relevant instances of British fans hurling racist abuse at players, as it definitely happens; but this is a pretty lazily researched article.

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