TIL that female vampire bats are highly social, coordinating with a group of friends to find prey, and going as far as to share blood (by regurgitating it into each other’s mouths). This circle of trust helps bats survive – a hungry bat can always take a “blood loan” from a bat that overfed.

Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/vampire-bats-call-out-to-friends-to-share-blood-meals-180978747/

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  1. Females communicate with their friends with distinct calls to indicate that food’s available, or to stay away.

    Male vampire bats on the other hand are territorial and avoid making such circles of friends. Their only real social bonds are with the females they mate with.

  2. From what I learned in my social evolution course the need to feed every couple days. They will die if they dont find blood, and its a steep drop off from a full belly to being on the verge of death. The a hockey stick curve. The donor bat can give up a days worth of blood to save the recipient bat possible long enough the next time the go out to find blood. Buts its huge risk because there is no garruntee they will find blood the next time they leave the roost.

    It was an example of reciprocal altruism.

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