TIL that fibromyalgia, a life-altering condition affecting 10M Americans, is centuries old, yet has no known cause, no diagnostic tests, had no medications until 2007, proper diagnosis averages 5 years… even the name tells nothing: its Latin/Greek root words are just “joint + muscle + pain”

Read more: https://www.healthline.com/health/fibromyalgia-real-or-imagined

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  1. It’s a really shitty disease and even more so with the opioid epidemic. You try to say your in pain, and doctors treat you like you are just looking for pain killers when they can’t explain the cause after running a ton of tests. I just want an answer.

    I remember flare ups starting at my toes when I was in my early 20s and it has now spread to all the major joint and back areas. Stress, sugar, and carbs seem to be my triggers. Exercise can help, but too much exercise and I am in pain.

  2. fibromyalgia is symptoms but without organic findings (all the tests are normal) so it’s fundamentally either “in your head” or beyond the detection of current science. i think smart doctors know both are possible but don’t have real data to do anything about either (yet) so it’s a lose lose really there no good weapons so it’s a problem without a solution now but bad doctors just don’t care because there’s “nothing to do and they’re all just crazy anyway”

  3. Even your post highlights the problem with fibromyalgia. A condition is not a disease. A condition may be a symptom of a disease, but it is not the underlying thing. If the fibromyalgia is tied to inflammation, you need to target the source of inflammation. But we don’t know what actually triggers the pain, so we can’t do dick for it other than load you up on opiates. Most likely, it’s a symptom of numerous diseases that are far too subtle to individually diagnosed.

  4. My understanding is that the only treatments are exercise (which is limited due to pain) or lethargy inducing meds. The latter exacerbates the symptoms so the cycle continues.

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