TIL that Genghis Khan, who established the world’s largest contiguous empire between the 13th and 14th centuries, has been branded the ‘greenest invader’ in history as his murderous invasion actually helped scrub about 700million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere.

Read more: https://wwf.panda.org/?199285/genghis-khan

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  1. Well that’s one obscure silver lining! Sure, I killed 40 million people, but I also stopped 40 million people from emitting carbon dioxide. You’re welcome!

  2. And people laud this or think it is amusing that he killed off roughly 10% of the world’s population.

    The *same people* who scream about how COVID-19 is worse than we think!!! Lock down!! Lock DOWNNNNNNN!!!

    Well? By that logic, wouldn’t it be better for everyone if it ran its course? After all, it’s only killed .05% of the population. That’s 200 times less than Genghi!! Well. Percentage-wise. In total numbers he is only 10x ahead.

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