TIL that George Washington missed living to see 1800 by 17 days. On Dec 12, 1799, he became ill from spending too much time in wet clothes due to not wanting to offend guests by leaving them in the rain. He died on Dec 14th and requested to be left unburied for 3 days so he wouldn’t be buried alive.

Read more: https://www.history.com/news/george-washington-final-years-death-mount-vernon

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  1. Poor George. Like a lot of people, I have toured Mr. Vernon. George was very tall for the time…6’2”….but all the rooms in MV…including his bedroom…look like little Hobbit dwellings. I am sure George was ducking under doorways and sleeping with his feet hanging out over the bed.

  2. That is not true. He died of an abscess in his throat. I had the same thing once, easily cured by antibiotics, but I basically slept constantly for three days, only waking to do essentials, knocked out by the pain meds.

    An abscess is not caused by getting too cold. In fact, getting cold has no effect on your immune system. You can die of hypothermia of course.

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