TIL that German law imposes a duty upon everyone to provide aid or assistance to people who are injured. Three people were prosecuted and fined for failing to provide assistance to a man who collapsed in a bank and later died.

Read more: https://www.dw.com/en/three-germans-face-court-for-not-helping-a-stricken-pensioner/a-40556496

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  1. The fact that it had to be a law. But I would get it if someone would be hesitant to help. Either they’re unsure what to do or unsure if it’s part of a scam. My boyfriend got scammed by an old woman who pretended to have a heart attack. There also came a time people stopped donating blood because of a viral post about an old woman asking strangers to donate blood but luring them to a WHITE VAN to be kidnapped, drugged, robbed, and dropped off unceremoniously in some field.

  2. Tl;Dr: the only requirement for rendering aid for medical non-professionals is that you call the paramedics.

    > According to the bank’s security footage, four customers subsequently entered the lobby and either walked around or over the man’s body, and finished their own banking transactions without paying attention to him.

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