TIL that horror author HP Lovecraft and legendary escape artist Harry Houdini collaborated to write a story in 1924, called Imprisoned with the Pharaohs. This led Lovecraft further ghost-writing more work for Houdini.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Imprisoned_with_the_Pharaohs

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  1. Interestingly enough, there seems to be a chamber beneath the Sphinx as predicted by Lovecraft so long ago. This was during the Howard Carter driven Egyptomania that was gripping the world in the early 20th.

  2. Lovecraft was a deeply antisemitic recluse. But not only did he collaborate with Houdini, who was Jewish, this recluse actually got married – to a Jewish woman.

    He was one of those people who hate “the Jews” in general, but make an exception in their mind for those Jews they actually know, whom of course is “not like other Jews” – the one in their imagination, whom they do *not* know personally.

    This is quite common, and not just towards Jews. KKK members who claim they have black friends are probably telling the truth. In their mind, those friends are “not like all the other blacks.”

  3. Gonna mention the two other cool facts that always get added.

    1. He was super racist.

    2. He was friends with other writers of the time and they shared aspects of their universes in their works. One of them was Robert E. Howard, who created Conan the Barbarian.

    Edit : Bonus fact. Houdini was also friends with Arthur Conan Doyle. Oddly enough, Doyle was into spiritism, and Houdini hated it. Houdini would regularly go around exposing supposed spiritists.

  4. Lovecraft is one of the most important horror writers ever.

    Also he was comically racist. Not racist like old timey everyone’s racist, but like by that says standard, super racist. It’s hard to divide the work from the man since the fear of other races is only slightly obscured in many works.

    Also, look up his black cats name if you want additional proof of his racism.

  5. I’m surprised Lovecraft was willing to collaborate with an eastern European Jewish man. I guess if you’re hungry it doesn’t matter if the person paying you is from Hungary.

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