TIL that in 1949, the magazine ‘Popular Mechanics’ predicted that computers in the future ‘may have only 1000 vacuum tubes’ and weigh 1.5 tons compared to the ENIAC, which had 18,000 tubes and weighed 30 tons.

Read more: https://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/a8562/inside-the-future-how-popmech-predicted-the-next-110-years-14831802/

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  1. They weren’t exactly wrong, because at a certain moment of history, computers indeed had 1000 tubes and weighted 1.5 tons, it’s just that moment came much faster that article writer expected.

  2. Back in the day Popular Mechanics was such a cool magazine. I actually subscribed. Every month you will be able to get some really cool ideas of stuff that was new.

  3. (Accepting that the statement did come true), a Raspberry Pi Zero weighs 9 grammes.

    I wonder whether the computational power of the Eniac compared to the Pi Zero is in the same order of magnitude of the weight difference? Reversed obviously.

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