TIL that in 1956 the US Navy, at the request of Icelandic fishermen, destroyed hundreds of killer whales with machine guns, rockets and depth charges.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killer_whale#Relationship_with_humans

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  1. This is a horrendous act. I love marine animals. Blue whales are incredible and my favorite animal in the animal kingdom is the sea lion. However, Orcas are apex predators and (in my opinion) should be protected from becoming endangered but also regulated so as not to become too prolific. They are such amazing predators with no natural enemies that have been recorded attacking other endangered species such as bowhead whales and Great White Sharks. They kill Great White Sharks for sport, they tear their stomach out and leave the carcass to rot. They are incredible predators, but if they are not monitored, they could become one of the only marine predators left leaving entire ecosystems in ruins.

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