TIL that in 1974, Fleetwood Mac’s manager Clifford Davis assembled an entirely seperate group of musicians to take the mantle and name of the band after the original members declined to go on tour. The new band would go on tour, but audience members noticed the imposters, and refunds were requested.

Read more: https://iloveclassicrock.com/the-story-of-1974s-fake-fleetwood-mac/

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  1. More on the situation:

    >Their next show crucified the band’s name even further, as the band was left to do an instrumental number to conclude the evening, as Gantry (imposter lead singer) lost his voice on the show. News of the fake lineup was soon circulating the papers and other media, and soon reached the ears of the original members, who filed lawsuit after lawsuit to stop the activity of the band, to which Davis responded by countersuing them, saying that he owned the band’s name and had copyright on the band’s previous materials, reasoning out that he had the right on who could play those songs live. Mick Fleetwood shared his thoughts regarding the situation, saying that it was “the last thing we needed. It was also the most preposterous thing we’d ever heard and the greatest betrayal from one of our own that we could have imagined.”

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