TIL that in 1984, in Mt. Laurel, NJ (25 minutes northeast of Philadelphia, PA), a man released 120 Italian Wall Lizards around his home to combat an insect problem. The insect problem was not fixed and today there are thousands across the County.

Read more: https://nj1015.com/meet-the-italian-wall-lizard-njs-other-invasive-species/

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  1. As an addition, this is very odd for our area as we do not have wild lizards, as opposed to say Florida. I work in Mt. Laurel and it was quite a sight to see tens of them each time I walk in. We’re used to squirrels around here, not reptiles. Agencies responsible for invasive species believe they survive the harsh winter by burrowing underground. They do not like people and you can mostly only hear them rustling in bushes as you walk by.

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