TIL that in 1985, 45 legendary musicians dropped what they were doing, flew to Los Angeles, and pulled an all-nighter to record: “We Are The World”. The song was only written the day before it was recorded, but it sold 20 million copies and won three Grammys.

Read more: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/we-are-the-world-a-minute-by-minute-breakdown-54619/

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  1. Yeah, they all wanted a bit of the positive publicity that the people involved in band aid like Bob Geldof received. It’s a bad song but it raised money for charity so no harm done. Definitely a poor man’s band aid though.

  2. yeah. a bunch of rich asses that can’t stay out of limelight no matter damage to environment, yeah look how kind hearted we are. now stay away from our private property, private jets and remember you’re not as special as us.

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