TIL that in 2006, Mattel’s “Furryville” toyline drew ire from real life nurses for naming their duck nurse character “Nurse Quacktitioner”, alleging a “medical quack”. Despite Mattel pointing out that “ducks quack”, the toy was eventually pulled.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furryville

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  1. Wikipedia’s source for this is the most Karen thing I’ve ever read.

    >Mattel has now received letters from over 2,000 nurses and supporters… Mattel still does not seem to understand that the doll exploits a pernicious stereotype of nurse practitioners, and that it has infuriated thousands of nurses, many of whom control or influence the purchasing decisions of countless family members, friends, patients, and students.

    They then list phone numbers and emails of random department leaders at Mattel and urge readers to pester them. How much of a Karen are you to be offended by this [little duck](https://www.truthaboutnursing.org/images/campaigns/2003-08/2005/mattel/nurse_quack_2.gif).

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