TIL that in 2017 scientists at U of Bonn found that the same wine tastes better when labelled with a higher price tag, a phenomenon known as the “marketing placebo effect.” Participants were given two samples, one €6 and one €18. Most rated the latter higher though they were from the same bottle.

Read more: https://casualphotophile.com/2021/08/04/minolta-md-28mm-f-2-8-lens-review/

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  1. I don’t *get* wine. Like at all. A local grocery store has a large area dedicated to wine. I counted something near 70 different labels being sold. How can there possibly be that many legitimately different wines?

    It’s all very intimidating for the uninitiated. Someone invites me to dinner and asks me to bring a bottle of wine and start to get social anxiety because I don’t want to reveal myself as a 50 yo man with no idea of how wine works. Like…can’t I just bring chips instead? I totally get chips.

  2. “Say, this really tastes good. Californian?”


    “I knew it! Napa? I’m tasting just a hint of Sémillon, which is rare for Napa but more likely in Sonoma. I thought I tasted just a hint of sea salt. What’s the name of the Chateau?”

    “Well it used to be wildly popular but it’s been eclipsed by other wine estates in the area so…”

    “OMG! Is this Chateau Montelena? I knew they were still around but WOW! You really went all out. I knew something was special. It’s that buttery quality that allowed them win in ’73. It’s also got great legs. I just love the way the light dances in the glass.”

    “Sorry. It’s not Chateau Montelena. It was popular about that time though so I thought…”

    “Damn! Is it Stag’s Leap? I’ve never had it before but it’s just as famous as Chateau Montelena. Did you really go way over the top here?”

    “Um, well no. I just wanted something with a history that I thought everyone could enjoy, you know?”

    “Well enostud, lay it down. What is the name of this nectar of the god’s?”

    “It’s called Apple Blossom. It’s made by Boone’s Farm. I think it’s pretty good.”


    “Is that OK? Is there a problem?”

    “Hot dogs will be ready in five. Paper plates are on the patio. Chips are in the kitchen. I’ll be in the garage.”

    “Do you want me to bring the wine?”

    “No. I’ve had enough wine for tonight.”

  3. Yeah wine is for moms to get drunk on respectably. Same as locally crafted beer and speciality liquor for dads

    I’m like yeah if I wanna get a buzz I’m just gunna go the cheap route and stop trying to impress everyone. IPA tastes like a spice rack.

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