TIL that in Greece most corpses are dug up after three years to make space for the newly departed

Read more: https://www.latimes.com/archives/la-xpm-1999-aug-12-mn-65083-story.html

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  1. That’s a very common practice in most cemeteries. Apart from places that embalm cadavers (horrible practice), there’s no need to keep bones in a large box. Once the body is decomposed, the bones are simply moved and put with other members of a family.

    But this

    > the country forbids cremation on religious grounds, the only country in continental Europe with such a ban.

    is just pure ignorance.

  2. “A cemetery worker wearing a surgical mask dug up the grave and, finding the body not fully decomposed, stood on it and pried it from the coffin piece by piece. As Zamanos watched in horror and his wife fainted, the masked man wrapped flesh and bones into a sheet and pushed them in a wheelbarrow to a corner of the cemetery for unceremonious reburial in a shallow, unmarked ditch.”

    That’s just nightmare fuel. Why do you have to be there and imagine if you had to exhume your kid. Jeebus.

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