TIL that, in June 2020, a team of researchers in Japan used a drone that shot pollen-dusted soap bubbles to pollinate a pear orchard; 95% of the flowers bore fruit, which was the same success rate as hand-pollinating

Read more: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-53081194

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  1. The Japanese always surprise me with their creativeness.

    Whenever they buy American weapons they always end up making really impressive upgrades to them.

    Like they replaced the Sparrow missiles on the F-15 with a long range ramjet powered missile that had the best missile radar in the world at the time.

    They also built a semi-stealth F-16 called the F-2, which has a 90% reduction in radar return. It was so successful that the US ended up bringing the tech home and upgrading the F-16 with it.

    They also equipped it with the best fighter radar in the world. Every fighter since has used the same type of radar.

    The F-2 was actually the most advanced fighter in the world until the F-22 entered service.

    They’re also quietly designing a new 6th generation fighter that will be the most advanced in the world when it enters service.

    The Japanese are incredibly advanced. They just don’t brag about it very much.

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