TIL that in Mexico, mosquito eggs are considered a delicacy and are prepared fried and put in a tortilla, or are made into pancake batter.

Read more: https://www.dawn.com/news/1047199

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  1. How are you extracting them. Most species hatch quickly and are very tiny with the exception of elephant mosquitoes which are (ironically) not bloodsuckers but obligate mosquito predators.

  2. Just FYI, these aren’t actually mosquito eggs.

    It probably comes from a direct translation of a colloquial name for them as “water mosquitos”, which is a misnomer. The dish called ahuautle is the roe of an aquatic bug called axayacatl.

    Not only are they not the human-biting mosquitos, they are actually a completely different herbivorous bug.

    Source: Mexican and biologist here

  3. I remember seeing some sort of mosquito pancake/omelet on one of the food channel travel-food shows. Probably Zimmern or Bourdein, I forget which. But I do remember it looked surprisingly tasty. I’m not big on insect eating, but I’d give a mosquito egg dish a try.

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