TIL that in Norse myths in the final battle of Ragnarok, Loki will pilot a ship made of fingernails and toenails of dead men across the flooded surface of the Earth. The ship is carrying the fire giants which will burn the World Tree and bring about the end of all things.

Read more: https://norse-mythology.org/gods-and-creatures/the-aesir-gods-and-goddesses/loki/

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  1. Classic myths are so metal. Hard to say who would make the best album cover, but this story is a contender. Possibly only second to the Aztec Five Suns creation story.

  2. The drama of this comes to a head in that Loki was born a giant that has lived among the Aesir (among who Odin and Thor are) since he was very young. Loki was bound for many years in a cave after killing the God Baldr, but breaks free of his chains during Ragnarok. At the end Loki betrays the Aesir and switches sides and helps to bring about the end of the Universe, leading the fire giants to destroy Yggdrasil.

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