TIL that in the 1890s, X-Rays were used extensively as entertainment. People could even buy or build their own X-ray apparatus for use at home. Many who popularized the technology developed cancer, suffered amputations, or died.

Read more: https://daily.jstor.org/the-x-ray-craze-of-1896/

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  1. Hey Billy, check out this pic of my guts, look at that. Look at that sweet baseball looking thing.. What, take another? Sure! Whoa check out that baseball looking thing, it’s bigger, let’s do another, whoa Billy its bigger, let’s do you now

  2. The ones for x-raying feet were called “pedoscopes” [stop laughing at the back please!] and were still used right up until the 1970s in the UK, despite health risks being known.

  3. I mean, it’s such a pretty word, “fluoroscope.” It lets you see such interesting things. Doesn’t generally start fires. What else is there to go wrong?

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