TIL that in the 1940s, filmmaker Orson Welles was under investigation by the FBI as they believed he had ties to communist activities because of his film “Citizen Kane”. He was considered such a threat that the FBI had him on a list of people who should be apprehended in case of a national emergency

Read more: https://www.biography.com/news/artists-blacklisted-hollywood-red-scare

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  1. The actual FBI website has scanned photos of the handwritten documents for Orson’s investigation. [Here is the link. ](https://vault.fbi.gov/george-orson-welles/george-orson-welles-part-01-of-01/view)

    Knowing he was being targeted by the FBI, Welles left the States in 1948 and moved to Europe, where he lived for the next eight years. A decade later, he found his way of expressing his distaste for the Red Scare through the film noir Touch of Evil, which depicted crooked law enforcement who chose to abuse their power by pursuing witch hunts instead of protecting their fellow citizens.

    Also: the guy in the photo isn’t Orson Welles. That’s Charlie Chaplin. I don’t know why it shows Charlie.

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