TIL that in the 19th century, French doctor Louis Auzoux created papier-mâché models of the human body. Bodies of hanged murderers served as models for dr Auzoux, which is why his models have a head tilting forward (from the noose) and an erect penis (pressure on the cerebellum caused by the noose)

Read more: https://www.whipplemuseum.cam.ac.uk/explore-whipple-collections/models/dr-auzouxs-papier-mache-models

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  1. “Dr. Auzoux, these models are brilliant. The attention to detail is astounding.”

    “Oui, oui, merci”

    “I have only one question.”


    “I can’t help but notice every single one of your models has a gigantic boner. Is that because of the increased cerebellar pressure the decedents experience while in the noose?”

    “Erm, yes. Increased cerefeller whosawhatsits. And nothing else.”

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