TIL that in the childbirth scene of “Gone with the Wind” only the actors’ shadows are shown not for artistic reasons but to get around the Hays Code rule prohibiting sexual activity and childbirth onscreen. Melanie, Scarlett and Prissy are literally shown only as shadows on a wall due to the rule.

Read more: https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/24341/quick-10-9-movies-and-shows-affected-hays-code

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  1. People nowadays: People back in the day weren’t so easily triggered!

    People back in the day: We don’t want to see anything related to ladyparts because they’re icky and scary!

  2. In a lot of old movies, when a couple was about to have sexy times, the camera would cut to a shot of a fireplace. This wound up becoming a cliche and widely parodied

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