TIL that in the operatic song in The Fifth Element, composer Eric Sierra “purposely wrote un-singable things” so she’d sound like an alien. When opera singer Inva Muls came for the part, “she sang 85% of what [Eric] thought was technically impossible”, the rest being assembled in the studio.

Read more: https://www.traxmag.com/eric-serra-tells-the-secrets-of-the-diva-song-in-the-fifth-element/

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  1. I love this particular part.

    It’s this collection of self-absorbed people in their own little circles with their own little superficial stuff going on. Corbin’s there, but he’s just looking for the stones.

    But, once she starts singing, it’s like everything else fades away and this music, this singer, is the center of everything. Everyone forgets their own petty stuff, even Corbin is fixated and entranced by her singing.

    Yes, there are other parts going on while she sings, but for those people in front of her, listening to her, her song is the only thing that matters.

    It’s a brilliant moment.

  2. the high notes were extremely impressive, but there was that electronic, auto-tuned bits that definitely weren’t a noise that can be made except by Cher in Do You Believe In Life after love?

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