TIL that in the US it’s illegal for men age 18-25 to move without contacting the Selective Service

Read more: https://www.sss.gov/verify/update-info/

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  1. On my 18th birthday I received 2 things in the mail, selective service forms and a Gillette sensor razor. I still have that razor handle . I can’t imagine how many hundreds or thousands of dollars I spent on razor refills , that was genius on their part. We will never need to use the draft / selective service as long as higher education and healthcare are out of reach . Genius on their part.

  2. I just looked it up, and apparently, as his legal guardian, I was supposed to sign up my disabled adult son who can literally not wipe his own ass. Yup, not gonna do it. I’m too busy wiping his ass. I’d like to send Selective Service this morning’s diaper. It was an experience.

  3. It quite true. You can move repeatedly, even overseas without violating Selective Service laws. You just need to be in the military.

    They can’t draft you if you’ve already volunteered.

  4. That law doesn’t mean much at the moment. If war breaks out with China and suddenly free college ain’t worth it, the draft will be back ASAP.

    (I registered with selective service but I never updated it)

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