TIL that it is common for your nose to run while you poop. Wiring a BM, your body is in the “rest and digest” state, which causes blood vessels to relax, which leads to runny nose and sneezing.

Read more: https://www.marshallindependent.com/uncategorized/2020/07/defecation-rhinorrhea/

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  1. This is a terribly timed TIL. My phone screen is going bonkers because of all the warm snot and I must’ve eaten some fiber today because this one is caught sideways and it feels like a bail of hay..

    You coulda waited to post this one.

  2. Ever sneezed while taking a dump and it rockets the poop out of your ass with force and causes it to splash up on the underside of your balls and into your asscrack then you have to wipe your balls off but since it’s just water little bits of toilet paper flake off and stick in your pubes?

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