TIL that James Cameron’s Titanic film (1997) has an officially-licensed board game that’s based on the movie…and it was released in 2020.

Read more: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/312744/titanic

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  1. In August 2020, [**Spin Master Games**](https://www.spinmaster.com/en-US/brands/spin-master-games/titanic/) released an officially-licensed board game that was based on James Cameron’s Titanic movie from 1997.


    According to the game’s description —

    >The Titanic has just struck the iceberg and she’s sinking FAST. **Play as Jack, Rose, Cal, Ruth, or the Captain** as you race around the ship saving as many passengers as possible before the ship is completely submerged.


    >**You have 5 possible actions on each turn** — **(i)** Move from room to room; **(ii)** save passengers you’ve picked up; **(iii)** pick up an item from a room; **(iv)** play a card; **(v)** or use your character’s “special ability.” You can use multiple actions on your turn based on the amount of “action cubes” you have.


    >**After each individual player’s turn, one of 36 Titanic tiles are flooded,** creating a fast paced game that forces you to continually race to the top, lest you end up submerged in the icy depths of the Atlantic.


    >Your choices will involve deciding which items to pick when you enter rooms and navigating the maze that is the Titanic to chart a quick path to give you the most points. You can earn points through saving passengers and playing “star cards” — but you won’t know what cards you’ll get until you draw them. **The game ends when the Titanic is completely flooded, and the player with the most points wins.**


    *This part of the game’s description made me laugh:* 😁

    >You’ll make life and death decisions on every turn, choosing among saving passengers, upgrading your capabilities to save more next turn, **or snagging point cards to relive nostalgic moments from the movie.**




    ##Here are some reviewers playing the game with friends:

    [**(a)**](https://youtu.be/jj-YCTXV_ms?t=64) Melissa Delp from **Tantrum House**

    [**(b)**](https://youtu.be/hRlShXS_N2k?t=74) Tom Vasel from the **Dice Tower**

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