TIL that jazz pianist Keith Jarrett was booked to perform in an opera house in Cologne. He was presented a baby grand piano that was deemed “unplayable” by Jarrett. After a Jarrett was convinced to perform the resulting recording, The Köln Sessions is the highest selling solo Jazz album of all time

Read more: https://www.last.fm/music/Keith+Jarrett/The+K%C3%B6ln+Concert/+wiki

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  1. The piano was not tuned, the sustain pedal didn’t work, the top register was tinny, and the bass was weak, and some of the keys didn’t work. It was a baby grand piano, so would have been difficult to play in as large a venue as the opera house was.

    The promotor was then 18 year old Vera Brandes. Her pleas convinced Jarrett to go on stage and perform for the sell out crowd.

    The piano was tuned, but the other problems persisted. Jarrett, an improvisational performer, altered his play style to work around the piano’s issues, and get it loud enough to fill the space.

  2. This album is absolutely sublime. I didn’t know until this was posted like 6 months and I listen to it at least weekly.
    An inspirational album for me!

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