TIL that Jean-Baptiste Lully, composer at the court of Versailles, died of gangrene after hitting his foot with his long conducting staff. He was conducting a Te Deum in celebration that Louis XIV recovered from a surgery on his anal exit. Lully refused an amputation so he could still dance.

Read more: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Baptiste_Lully#Biography

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  1. Fun fact: Louis had an anal fistula. The doctor that performed the treatment had to basically invent the procedure. It became instantly fashionable and he had to turn away French courtiers that were constantly requesting that he perform the operation on them.

  2. I’m surprised he managed to die, some would have us believe that was at the height of natural medicine.

    Maybe he didn’t take enough powdered cow lung with his brimstonated waters (and a slice of lemon), or *he’d still have been alive today*.

  3. Dudes were just harder back then. Syphilis ate my nose off? I’ll just get a leather nose bitches. Tons of gold in a newly discovered country? I’ll travel months in a tiny wooden boat, fuck their shit up and take it.

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